The Legend of King Arthur lives on…

The story of King Arthur continues to captivate us, since it’s first appearance in a 9th Century work by Welsh monk Nennius. BBC iWonder, presented by Ian Hislop, investigates why this most enduring myth is embedded so firmly in our national identity, from the... read more

What connects King Arthur & David Bowie?

A new BBC Culture feature, In the Frame, takes a photo from the news each week and likens it to a painting. This week, Open University professor and art history expert Gill Perry looks at mourning in art – as in life and compares the 2013 mural of David Bowie as his... read more

‘A letter to our daughter’

On 1st December 2015 Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan welcomed their newborn daughter Max into the world and shared on Facebook ‘a letter to our daughter‘. The letter outlines their mission to advance human potential and promote equality and... read more

The Call Of Destiny now available as Kindle Edition on Amazon

We are very pleased to announce The Return of Arthur – Book One, The Call Of Destiny, by author Alan Fenton, is now available as a Kindle Edition. The Call of Destiny Kindle Edition is available to purchase on Amazon here » Anybody can read Kindle books—even... read more

Royal Geographic Society

Alan Fenton, who is passionate about the environment and wildlife will be attending a meeting at the Royal Geographic Society on 20th October for drinks and dinner with Sir David Attenborough.” read more