A Hundred Verses

by Alan Fenton

Dear reader,

Some verses on this page are intended to be funny, (I hope you will find them so!), some are satirical, some sad, some nostalgic, some borderline religious, some the opposite. But whatever they are, or try to be, they have all been written with one purpose in mind – to entertain. And I believe we all need entertaining, especially in these difficult times.

I offer them to you in all humility, hoping you may enjoy them. One new verse will appear approximately every week for the foreseeable future.

Alan Fenton

My dog?

Are we ever the boss? ~ Alan I own this mutt......

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Some travelling is not worth the effort! ~ Alan...

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Old age

We may not approve of it but well may have to...

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I am I

May sound a bit egotistical. But isn’t it true...

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If only we could buy a life at Sainsbury’s. Or...

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I think we are all agreed on this…..or are we? ~...

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My life

Being completely unsure about everything ~ Alan...

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The worst day of the week ~ Alan Friday’s my...

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Words, words, words…………… ~ Alan Verse leads me...

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My Dad

My dad probably felt the same. ~ Alanlf only I...

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Does anyone know why it happened? Does anyone...

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The fly

Sometimes we stumble on compassion ~ Alan This...

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I believe many will agree with me that animals...

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If Only

We can't change what we have or haven't done....

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Tiers! Tiers! Tiers!

They can’t stop shedding tiers!

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