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By Alan Fenton

“A wealthy hedge fund trader with the world at his feet, making money is more important for James Winston than anything else in life – including family and friends. His philosophy is basic and uncompromising. “Life is about survival. We eat to stay alive. If a man is hungry, he’ll do what he has to do. Whatever it takes.”

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By Alan Fenton

Fulfilling the age-old prophecy, King Arthur has returned.

Confronted by global terrorism, world leaders are disunited and indecisive. On a remote island a new Camelot is born, from where Arthur and the 21st Century Round Table launch a series of devastating attacks on the dark forces that threaten the planet. Yet within Camelot itself, forbidden love, murder and conspiracy threaten Arthur’s quest. As the kingdom begins to crumble, will the dream of Camelot die?

alan fenton author the call-of-destiny


By Alan Fenton

It is said that in times of trouble King Arthur will return.

In the new millennium the world is sliding into chaos, its stability threatened by evil men engaged in the ruthless pursuit of global domination.A brilliant scientist, Merlin, takes under his wing the newborn Arthur, illegitimate son of a leading British politician. Guided by Merlin, the boy grows to manhood, becoming a renowned soldier and natural leader. But will he have the courage to fulfil his destiny?

alan fenton author the call-of-destiny


By Alan Fenton

"These verses are about a variety of things that either amuse me or trouble me about life - as, no doubt, they do many people. Some are about things I love, like dogs, some about things I hate, like the hunting of wild animals, some are about belief and disbelief, some about faith, or lack of it, some about love of life and fear of death, some about my views (no doubt shared by many!) on politicians, and Scientific Advisers! I had great fun writing them. I hope you will enjoy reading them."