Dear reader,

Some verses on this page are intended to be funny, (I hope you will find them so!), some are satirical, some sad, some nostalgic, some borderline religious, some the opposite. But whatever they are, or try to be, they have all been written with one purpose in mind – to entertain. And I believe we all need entertaining, especially in these difficult times.

I offer them to you in all humility, hoping you may enjoy them. One new verse will appear approximately every week for the foreseeable future.

Alan Fenton

They will keep on coming!


alan fenton author-kill-or-be-killed


By Alan Fenton

“A wealthy hedge fund trader with the world at his feet, making money is more important for James Winston than anything else in life – including family and friends. His philosophy is basic and uncompromising. “Life is about survival. We eat to stay alive. If a man is hungry, he’ll do what he has to do. Whatever it takes.”

alan fenton author hour-of-camelot


By Alan Fenton

Fulfilling the age-old prophecy, King Arthur has returned.

Confronted by global terrorism, world leaders are disunited and indecisive. On a remote island a new Camelot is born, from where Arthur and the 21st Century Round Table launch a series of devastating attacks on the dark forces that threaten the planet. Yet within Camelot itself, forbidden love, murder and conspiracy threaten Arthur’s quest. As the kingdom begins to crumble, will the dream of Camelot die?

alan fenton author the call-of-destiny


By Alan Fenton

It is said that in times of trouble King Arthur will return.

In the new millennium the world is sliding into chaos, its stability threatened by evil men engaged in the ruthless pursuit of global domination.A brilliant scientist, Merlin, takes under his wing the newborn Arthur, illegitimate son of a leading British politician. Guided by Merlin, the boy grows to manhood, becoming a renowned soldier and natural leader. But will he have the courage to fulfil his destiny?

alanfentonusedALAN FENTON

Born in London, Alan Fenton was educated at Mercers’ School in the City. Having won an open scholarship to Oxford he did two years National Service in the Royal Air Force. He became a Pilot Officer, before going up to St Edmund Hall to read English Language and Literature.

On graduating, he worked as a trainee in business briefly before writing a sketch for a children’s television programme starring Ronnie Corbett. This led to a career writing comedy sketches and scripts for television. He wrote for comedy series, Saturday Night Spectaculars and Sunday Nights at the London Palladium for most of the top comedians of the day. His clients included Ronnie Corbett, Bruce Forsyth, Dickie Henderson, Roy Castle, Arthur Haines, Jack Douglas and Joe Baker, Dick Emery, Irene Handl, Des O’Connor and many others.

After several years of comedy scriptwriting, he drifted back into business. Working for a large American trading organisation he travelled the world. Then he and a few friends set up their own company trading in metals and minerals, and ultimately in oil.

Leaving business a few years later, he wrote the “Shadow of the Titan”, his first novel. It is based loosely on his business experiences. Subsequently he wrote The Call of Destiny, the first book in the Return of Arthur cycle, and also its sequel, The Hour of Camelot.

Alan Fenton lives in London with his wife and pack of Pekinese dogs.